Cyber Cafe a.k.a Internet Cafe is the most prevalent in the realm of agents, explorers and tourists, however it additionally discovers great and successive clients in young people and spends a lot of time playing PC games.
Below are the tips that we can share with Cyber Cafe business owner:

1. Give discount for login tickets

We understand that giving a discount is quite hard to manage especially when you’re still new in the cybercafe business industry. Sometimes, make special prices for your customers will make them feel happy and more satisfied with your service. You can give a discounted price to your regular customer and they might repeat your service again and again. Instead of keeping your regular customer, try to attract new members with discounted pre-paid login accounts. Sell more prepaid time with a lower price can give more attraction to visitors.

2. Keep your computer clean and fresh for every next user

We advise you to use DDS+ Diskless System in your CyberCafe because it really helps you in maintaining your PC. After the customer has finished using the PC, DDS+ Diskless System can reboot all the client PC so your client PC will be restored to an initial clean state after rebooting. Plus, you don’t need to worry about any malicious software and any virus attack because DDS+ is immune viruses. So, it always equips your next customer with a clean and fresh PC, without any problems occur.

3. Extra charge for any additional services

Some of the people who don’t have enough electronic equipment went to cyber cafe to use external hardware provided, such as printer, scanner, CD burn and fax services. If your cybercafe located at the state of tourist attraction, it is recommended to allow transferring data from digital camera to CD or flash drive and charge a bit with those provided services.

4. Sharing PC game license among your computers

All companies, internet café, and even home users are obliged by EULA (End User License Agreements) to use only the licensed game or program on their computers. This is not a big deal if you have a small internet café running and just a few clients. Instead, it went the opposite way with the larger internet café. You need 50 licensed in the same game, and it must be a huge expense for your business.

5. Increase your membership with allowing multi-player-games

Multi-player games can be played over the internet or in local networks. We know that most of the gamers have their own PC at home and play them games over the net. However, it is much more engaging to play with friends at the same place. Apart from that, it will increase your profits as many multi-player-gamer will choose your services and they also will come in groups. So, you can offer the same game to all your client computers with only a few licensed copies.

6. Increase your profit by selling side items

Besides the service provided, you can also add multiple common items to sell, such as coffee, snacks or even computer accessories. While playing games for several hours, people often feeling hungry. So, you can help them with these kinds of services by taking an order without leaving their seats.

7. Do not spend too much time updating your PC

Your time is better spent on how to generate business and increase your sales instead of updating your PC multiple times. There is no need for wasting time to install or uninstall programs every single PC a hundred times. With Diskless System, you only need to install on one machine and it will apply simultaneously to all the PCs. It’s not only can save your time but also can reduce the number of IT technician workloads.