Are you currently running an internet cafe business? Or are you deciding to open a new one? Internet cafe, also known as Cyber Cafe is a place where clients are provided with access to hi-speed internet, various kinds of PC games and other computer services.

It is hard to oppose those traditional internet cafes that are already on their way out. Many cybercafes have gone out of business because some of the modern mobile phones are provided with a function to get easy access to the internet. Most internet cafe owners are shifting their operations into eSports and game centers. Of course, the advanced complexity of internet cafe business requires a modern and effective management system. That is why using powerful internet cafe software plays a significant role in terms of applying successful management. One of the most vital tools to build up a qualified internet cafe is using operative software.


Diskless environment is important nowadays. If your company has a lot of PC running, Diskless Solution is the best choice for you. MichaelSoft provides the best diskless system that can help you to restore a clean system after each reboot, as well as keep your computer FREE of Virus and Trojans. Also, with diskless system, it can help you to update all your PC’s with only a single click. Amazing right?

If you’re currently stress and mess up because of hard disk crash and virus infection, or also getting a headache because of spending too many hours to troubleshoot your computer problems, this article is worth to read. This is because the diskless system doesn’t require a hard disk to maintain.

It can also save you from spending and invest more money to buy replacement of corrupted and damaged hard disk drives. No more worries of hard disk crash, virus infection because the system is immune to viruses! Your time is better spent focusing on your revenue-generating business instead of spending your time on troubleshooting your computer problems.

What amazing about the diskless system is, it’s hassle-free. If you have hundreds of computers there is no need to install or uninstall programs on every single PC a hundred times, you only need to install on one machine and it will apply simultaneously to all the PCs and that’s it!

This Diskless Network Solution has been used by many Cyber Café, Educational Institutions, Laboratory, Tutorial Center, Library, Corporate offices, Associations and Call Center in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. We have helped many Malaysian managing their small Cyber Cafe and also tutorial center owners to upgrade their computer system to our affordable diskless system.

By centralizing the operating system, other applications, games and data in the server, it will enable deployment of storage virtualization resulting in super-fast server and client desktop deployment.

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