Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. It is also one of the effective techniques in digital marketing that you should use. However, many people especially beginner, likely to make mistakes that leads to marketing failure. Below is the example of mistakes that people usually do:

1. Try all things at one time

  • People especially beginner tends to try everything across the networks and start acting on each network they can find. They attempt to use every content format they ever heard and think that they could use every fancy-sounding new marketing train. As a result, it is lack of quality if you can see. Apart from that, they will feel that they are not using enough networks, not doing enough or not trying hard enough.
  • Apart from the fact that most people, who are starting out have no relevant audience to speak of in any network, you also need to figure out the basics of each network before you can see the results.
  • It really takes time for social media to achieve the goals. Indeed, if you already know what you’re doing, the process will get more effective and can lead to open up a new network.
  • But first and foremost, you really need to think twice about every single step in every network you want to use. Starting everything at once may lead to failure. No results, even more frustration that you will get.


2. Get your basic right

  • This is the most common mistake that some of the beginners have made. It may be because of poor blog layout, missing avatar or bio on Facebook, forgot to put on the share button on blog, and even have no content idea of what to post.
  • So, to avoid this from happening, get all of your basic thing completed. Fill in the profile in every network that you had registered. Instead of upload the picture, you have to make your content shareable and study what content you should share on your social media platform and where you are going to get them.


3. Over expecting the result in a short time

  • One of the common mistakes is majority of people predict that they will get the sale results after a few days or weeks of sign up. Honestly, the result of followers, engagements or traffic page should show after a few weeks, the real and huge success of social media is for the persistent with a consistent social media strategy who keeps going for months and years.
  • What to be clear with Social Media Marketing is, it often success after a long time of continuously good performance. It does not work with trying other social media for a few days or weeks and then tries something else in a short time just because the results are not as expected since it is not showing a fast result.


4. Selling and promoting too early

  • People read the big success stories of bloggers and social media influencers from their activity and selling huge numbers of products. People do not realize that before they achieve those stages, they must achieve the bottom obstacle whereas getting traffic and audience building, that needs oblation of time for branding needs. You get all those, then only you can proceed with the monetizing activity.
  • Starting with the wrong procedure and trying to sell before you provide value and have followers might be leads to failure.


5. Not focus on content and value, focus too much on design tools instead

  • In Social Media Marketing, it is not the blog with the most professional design is even matter, but the value and content that you can provide to the followers, that can increase engagement with them. It is generally wasting time and money in order to make everything perfect especially at the early stage, in which you are still in try and error phase of activities.

We hope that with these listing of common mistakes of social media can help you to at least avoid falling into these traps.